Workers Speak Up

Norogachi Workers

In 2019, the California Division of Labor Standards served a Civil Wage and Penalty Assessment on CFY and their sub-contractor Norogachi Construction, claiming workers were owed more than $1.7 million in wages.

Adonez Ceja

When I got my check from Norogachi, there were a lot of bounced checks. We would take it to right here in Dixon and they would accept it, but two days later they would call us saying “something went wrong with the check – there was no money in the bank.” We would have to go back and return that money. I felt horrible and really bad. Not only that, I felt really embarrassed.
General Contractor CFY knew that we were getting bounced checks. We told them.
What I feel about that person that took that much money away from this much workers, I think he deserves to be charged with something. Of a crime or something – because that’s theft. Look how many people he stole. I don’t even consider that theft, I consider that a crime. Cause it’s not just one person he stole from, it’s how many workers he stole from – that worked for him? I don’t think that’s right. He deserves something – you know: jail time, lawsuit, or something. He deserves something that would at least make us happy. Cause knowing that he’s not getting charged with anything, no consequences, that’s not right. He’s walking as a free man, and that’s not cool.

Jose Chavez

One day I got something in my eye. And I went to the guy that’s in charge of the hours and I told him and he was like “well, I’ll give you a liquid for the eye” and then he was like “well, if you want to keep on working.” And I was like “I need help because my eye is hurting.” And I just left barely able to see driving, I drove myself to the hospital because it was bothering me bad.
But they didn’t pay me that day – I lost that day. And they knew, but they didn’t do anything about it.

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Raise Your Voice

Construction Wage Watch encourages anyone experiencing similar conditions to those described in these Case Files to be brave like workers on these construction projects and raise your voice for justice! There are many resources and activists dedicated to fighting for you. Please share your story with us and remember that there is strength and power in numbers!